Our Engagement Shoot: by Merritt Huey

Im not gonna lie, getting on the other side of the camera lens makes me nervous! I think thats something we all can relate to, right? Although, it shouldn't be! If I could say one thing that undoes high hopes of a great shoot- it would be nervousness. For us, while traveling to location, it was small talk and laughs. Becoming acquainted with our photographer helped shake out the nerves before being thrown in front of a camera and photographer we had just met. We carried this same momentum with us as we began shooting. We are by far probably the two most awkward people in front of a camera and in life! Yes, we have you all beat! We brought all the awkward we had but left the nerves in the car. Here is how they turned out. 

Location: Shelby County, AL: mountain unknown. Photography by: Merritt Huey

black and white photographs are one of my favorite things to see in a photographers work. These types of images cast such regal demeanors in their appearance. Much of history was recorded in black and white images giving it its timeless quality. It is also effective in portraying your subjects to where distractions are brought to a minimum. I hope we left our timeless mark atop this unknown cliff...here are a few black and white images from our shoot. 

I'll leave you with this in all its awkward, goofy elegance. This is us, and these are the moments we live for! So get out there and let your weirdness reign for some candid shots you'll have for a lifetime!